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Romco History

ROMCO Manufacturing makes small 'Precision-Machined' parts from just about any type of Exotic Steel or Stainless & Nickel Alloys as well as most Plastic and Composite Materials. We have full 3D Modeling, CAD-CAM & CMM system capabilities as well as shop floor programming and conversational machines.

Do not hesitate! Give us a call! We are ready to review your requests and discuss the technical aspects of your projects or parts at any time.

ROMCO Manufacturing Inc. was registered as a corporation in the State of Texas in November of 1975. ROMCO started in business primarily as a repair type machine shop and had no contracts with any major businesses at the time of opening. We had only one lathe, two drill presses and the willingness to work toward our goals of having a 'Full Service' machine shop in the near future.


ROMCO Manufacturing has grown from a small family shop to a 24 person CNC oriented machine shop serving the Power Turbine Industry, The Packaging Industry and N.A.S.A. Manned Space-Craft Center here in Houston. The corporation also has a proprietary product line under the registered trademark of TRU-TURN Precision Model Products offered to Hobby and UAV markets. This line of products was established in 1985 and is being shipped to more than twenty-eight different countries around the world.


ROMCO Manufacturing has the ability to take a complex part or assembly all the way from your certified print to completion. We are equipped to handle all outside services that are required to complete your most demanding projects.