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Combustion Inspection Replacement Parts

ROMCO Mfg has over 20 years experience in machining precision turbine parts. High strength and High temperature alloy machining is our specialty!

Certified Materials and Processes. Specialty sizes and materials quoted upon request. High Temp

These items are usually in stock and ready to ship!

  • Row 1 Vane Seals
  • Cross Flame Tubes - RM09-50991
  • IGV Adjusting Rollers - RM07-50861
  • Machined Dogbone seals from Hastelloy X

  • Cross Flame Tubes

  • Machined Marman Flange for proper consistent ventilation and longevity, Wear Coated Tip Area
  • Machined Sleeve for proper ventilation promotes longevity. Wear Coated bore.
  • Machined Actuator roller for inlet guide vane adjustment ring. (9pc set)
  • Cross Flame Tube Ends are Fully Precision Machined In-house to Maintain Quality Control.


    Quality precision machined hardware from a name you can trust.

    Call ROMCO Manufacturing for Set or package Pricing for your next planned or forced outage.